stickleback deaths

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stickleback deaths

Postby alison on Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:13 am

I received an email from Rachael about her sticklebacks dying a few years ago. She has a large pond.( 100 ft and 7ft deep. ) One day she came out to find that all her sticklebacks were either dead or dying. They were quite white ish in colour. Have any of you any idea what the problem could have been either disease or natural occurance. I have tried to give advice, but I am sure that you could all do better. She is going to have a look on here at some point and it would be good if we could assist her in some way. Also she would like to know where she could get some more sticklebacks to restock her pond. She has other fish in the pond such as tench, rudd etc.
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