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Postby alison on Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:56 pm

Apart from Tricia who had her frogspawn eaten has anyone had any problems with theirs? Both my mother in law and myself seem to have had a bad lot of spawn. (Kirsty and Ade I hope the spawn you took is doing okay)
After having an initial shock when thinking I only had 3 clumps of spawn and then finding loads deeper in the shallows, it seems to have all disappeared. I took some out to preserve it from the fish and instead of it being okay it looked like it had dissolved overnight and none of it looked alive. What was left in the pond seemed to go very thin and not very jellylike. Normally you can watch it grow and wriggle until the tadpoles leave the jelly and are a mass of black on the surface. I can't find any evidence of this anywhere in the pond and only if I drag the net along the bottom of the shallows can I find some very thin jelly with spawn inside. I have never had this before.
My mother in law put hers into a large baby bath away from the fish and hers all disintigrated as well and looked like the tadpoles had died. It seems very strange. My sister in law has had no problems and her pond is teeming with baby tadpoles. I think for me it bodes badly for this years froglets.The only thing I can think of is that it got caught by frost. Can anyone enlighten me with other suggestions for it doing this. Maybe I am worrying over nothing and somewhere there are loads of taddys hiding, but I wouldn't hold my breath...
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