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Creation of a new pond

Postby alison on Wed May 30, 2007 11:51 am

My sister had what could only be described as a preformed puddle with a small preformed waterfall leading into it so when she saw my pond she increased her puddle to a small preformed pond about 3ft long and maybe 18inches wide. She had that for a while but always longed for a larger pond but didn't know how to go about it. Recently she had a new conservatory built so decided the time was right to do something to the rest of the garden so wanted some advice. Although her pond was very small she had some lovely rocks around it, quite a few with moss growing on them. I love those kind but she was of a mind to get rid of them. She also had some large slate rocks which were very nice.
Anyway I agreed to look at the garden and do a new pond for her. I enlisted the help of our youngest son Darren who said "Thanks Mum :smt064
We started to dig out the area with the help of my brother in law who very kindly found lots of tree roots :shock: They were from a large tree just outside their garden, but he managed to cut them all out of the way and digging continued.
The area we had was 16ft length and 6ft width so we decided that the pond would be 8ft by 3ft but then increased it to 4ft wide. Rockery planting would be round both sides. We built up as well as digging down so that there wouldn't be any need for any extra soil etc or any need to get rid of the soil. Also at the front of the pond we built a wall as the built up soil was quite narrow, so made a wall in front and filled in behind with rocks and sand making a much better ledge for the front of the pond. My sister had been worried that her grandchildren might fall in so this ensured that it didn't happen.
I am quite pleased with the results as the planting looks like it has been there forever in front of the beech hedge yet we had taken the shrubs from an area that was going to be paved over. The mossy rocks were still used to go next to the waterfall which was now situated to come out between two large conifer trees and her slate was used for the top of the front of the pond. We ran out of rocks as we now had a larger area to cover over the brick wall that had been created but luckily my parents had some rocks from an old wall that had been taken down so I left Darren and David to finish the front wall off with those. I have noticed one rock that I definitely need to change to make it look straighter but all in all I think it was a good job using just what was already available and my sister was thrilled.



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Postby kaz on Thu May 31, 2007 12:03 am

You've done brilliantly Alison, no wonder she was thrilled... what a lovely outlook for her :D
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