Pond plants falling over? a solution.

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Pond plants falling over? a solution.

Postby dampflippers on Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:03 am

As you can see in the other thread I have just been putting in a preformed pond.
It is the sort with a rolled over top, and very narrow shelf round most of the top. This is just too narrow for a small container to sit snugly, and even if you manage it, it will fall over sideways at every puff of wind if the plant is tall.
Here's my patented solution:
Get 2 paper clips and some string.
Thread the string though the slots at the top of the plant pot and make it go round the fron, or across the top depending on how the plant is planted.
Tie the string onto one of the paper clips. Partly open it. The idea is that the short loop will hold the string, and the big loop will hook under the pond rim.
Place pot in place, tighten string one side, loop other end of string through short loop of the other clip, and fix that one over pond edge. Tighten string and tie off.
Et voila!

Any other cunning pond tips??
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