Water shortage.

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Water shortage.

Postby alison on Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:49 pm

Had a bit of a problem this week. The weather certainly got colder and I had noticed that my pond water had gone down a little bit but I was waiting for the afternoons to be a bit warmer before I added a bit of water to top it up. The days stayed fairly cold so I put it off but had decided that no matter what, the following afternoon I would top it up. It had gone down about 4 inches I guess.
The following morning I woke up to another very cold day, looked out of the window to the pond and to my horror the water level had suddenly gone down over 12 inches. The shallows were no longer under water except in the very middle where it dipped deeper and a lot of the plants were just standing in an inch or so of water in the middle and none round the edge of the pond. I ran straight out in my PJ's and a pair of shoes and found that the waterfall pipe had been moved slightly and instead of feeding the waterfall and into the pond it was going down the outside of the liner and into the ground. Now it was important to put the water back in. Brrr I felt so sorry for the fish as it was going to have to be freezing cold water from the ground rather than a little afternoon warmer ground. But what else could I do. A lot of the sticklebacks live in the shallows so I had to increase the water straight away. I hope they don't suffer any after effects.
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Re: Water shortage.

Postby AJC on Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:14 pm

At the moment i doubt thers a great deal of difference in the temp of your pond water or the tap water, if there is its only a dgree or two, so it wouldnt have any effect on ya fish at all, rememebr your pond voume was probebly greater than that which you was adding, so it would maintain its temperature better.

BTW alison, the site clock is still an hour fast ;)
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