Guess what I found..

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Guess what I found..

Postby alison on Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:19 am I was cleaning the pond out? Well I thought as the weather men had said that the weather was going to get very cold from now on I thought I had better really get it sorted out. (the pond that is, not the weather. I don't seem to have any influence on that) :smt064 Anyway out I went to cut back all the old leaves from the Iris and stripey grass etc. Also to get rid of some of the watercress and primrose willow that was dying off for winter.
I had noticed that one of my ornaments (frogs of course) seemed to have gone missing from the side of the pond. :smt017 It was a frog on top of a rock which had 'welcome' written on it.
I thought maybe it had fallen into the water, but I hadn't been able to find it. So today as I looked down where the Iris were which I had previously cut down I suddenly got a glimpse of the ornament. I had to put my hand right down into the freezing water :smt009 to pull it up and as it broke the surface suddenly a frog fell out of the underneath of the ornament. :shock: Then another :shock: and I could see another leg and foot hanging out :shock: . I shook it but it didn't come out and I turned it over to see a large tummy hanging and I wasn't sure if it was dead or not. I moved it slightly and the leg moved over. I then could tell that it was alive and kicking and as it moved over I saw another 2 heads looking out at me. I couldn't believe how many were inside this small opening in the ornament. Then I didn't know what to do as I wanted the ornament out but felt that I had disturbed a winter hiding place for the frogs. So needless to say I put it back into the pond and hope for the best that the frogs find it a lovely cosy hybernating home for the winter. It was lovely to know that so many are still around. :D :D
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