WARNING: Cats eat frogspawn!

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WARNING: Cats eat frogspawn!

Postby dampflippers on Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:54 pm

Warning- cats eat frogspawn!

I was watching my frogcam, and suddenly they all went berserk and disappeared. Then a black and white fluffy head and assiciated paw came into the frame!
First it tried to reach one of the frogs, but it moved. Then it hooked up some spawn, sniffed it and started to eat it.
I waited a while to check it was actually eating, and then went out and chased it away.
I put some tubs of water where it was itting, and hoped I'd sorted it.
Then just now the same happened. It sat further along which I thought was out of reach, but it wasn't.
So now there are more pots of water and an old watering can.

So it's not just herons and koi we have to watch out for! :(
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Re: WARNING: Cats eat frogspawn!

Postby alison on Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:56 pm

Wow. I have never seen our Velcro going for any frogspawn. I won't try him with a sample though :D
Actually he is really good towards wildlife. He never goes for the birds that all feed in the garden he just takes a look at them and then carries on where he was intending to go, and they usually ignore him. He never bothers with the fish in the pond either. I guess I have a good moggy :D
Occasionally when he was younger he loved to play with mice that entered the garden but they usually survived wihout too much trauma as he just wanted to play and never killed any. This only happened a few times in all of his fourteen years.
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Re: WARNING: Cats eat frogspawn!

Postby Ponddipperdave on Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:03 am

Yes, I've seen cats eating frogspawn, that was laid on my pebbles, out of the water. I've also seen a Fox eating frogspawn.
I believe it's full of protein, I've not tried it myself though.
Your lucky to have frogspawn. I thought my frogs were mating but I guess they were just huddling together to keep warm !
My son was separating his frogs to give the female a breather when his chicken came along & snatched a frog by the leg.
He was chasing his chicken around the garden trying to get the frog back.
It had a happy ending. :smt117 :smt117
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Dave here
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