Do they like each other?

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Do they like each other?

Postby alison on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:51 am

After the demise of my last beautiful massive golden orfe last November I decided that I would buy a few more. I originally had three little ones and as I thought that they all like to shoal together I bought three new little ones a couple of months ago. They were very tiny and have actually in just the short time I have had them have completely doubled in size. Anyway what I have noticed is that one goes around on his own all the time and the other two seem to follow each other. Do you think that is normal considering they were bought from the same tank and are supposed to like to be together. I feel so sorry for the other one on it's own. Of course it may have decided that it would like to be on it's own and left the others deliberately. :D They all seem fine and lively but I suppose I just expected they to all be together swimming round in unison.
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