Can the tadpoles live in stagnant water?

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Can the tadpoles live in stagnant water?

Postby alison on Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:24 pm

As you know I have two ponds :D one large one and one puddle. :lol:
The large pond has filters and pumps etc but the little one doesn't have any form of keeping it clean so at the moment it is beginning to go a bit stagnant. With having so many tadpoles in the pond I have left it to fend for itself but I am not sure if the taddies will stay healthy. I had thought about emptying some of the water but I keep getting the taddies in the bucket and dont want to lose them. I had thought of flushing it over the top by putting the hosepipe in so fresh water could replace some of the stagnant water that would overflow, but again the taddies would flow straight over with the water so I am not sure what to do. Does anyone think they should be left in the stagnant water or should I try to take the taddies out and try to put fresh water in and then replace the taddies back into the little pond? They seem to be doing well and are quite large, but last year some didn't change from taddies and some died so I am trying to keep a better eye on them this year.
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