Oh those cats......

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Oh those cats......

Postby alison on Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:06 pm

Our lovely cats are very keen on the wildlife in our garden much to our horror when they bring us a "present" . We have managed to save a few birds but today Sonny said that Jasper had a frog. I went into the garden to see him in the border. He wasn't doing anything just sitting so I went over and found a fat frog that looked dead with a gash on his hind leg. I picked it up and hoped it was just in shock so put it back into the pond. No movements.. and then suddenly the fat frog deflated to a normal size and swam away.Obviously he was using the puffed up belly to scare the cat and it must have worked because Jasper just sat there. I hope his gash heals.
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